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REV ED SON, holding his own SON

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Ed Roy and his fourteen-year-old mother spent his first eleven years in Detroit, Michigan. From eleven to seventeen years of age, Roy was raised by his grandmother and great-grandmother in Minneapolis.

His early years were accompanied by several hurdles: maltreatment, foster home placements, substance addiction, and confinement in jails and prison.

Roy has experienced loss on multiple levels in his life. His first and only son was murdered in June 2006. His first grandson was murdered in 2014.

Despite ongoing challenges, trauma, and a battle with cancer, Roy completed a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a specialty in private investigation. He also pursued a master’s degree in criminal justice. Through faith and determination, Roy has marked the world in many remarkable ways that include his work as a security supervisor, support group director, certified fugitive enforcement agent, and motivational speaker.

He is the founder and business owner of a nonprofit organization, Victims & Offenders Recovery Community College.

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