Victims & Offenders Recovery Community College

Victims & Offender Recovery Community College is a non-profit Organization Educational program, that is linking to Our Community with a bold concept on bringing Victims and offenders together in building a peace unit that works. Why I say offender instead of X offenders!  it is like an Addiction! when people are in Recovery, you are in recovery for life, Changing for you and the Community is a process. Victims who lost lives of loved ones to violence is a never -ending story of Remembering.

V O R C is truly dedicated to helping victims and offenders alike to overcome the barriers of the day-to-day struggles and challenges. that is why our college Redemption mindset for x offenders wanting a second chance, and a Memorial for victims of loved ones.


“Let us open our eyes to the whole World, so we can truly see the love within our hearts”


Rev: Ed Roy P.O. Box 11933 – 2306 Lowry Ave N Minneapolis Minnesota -55411.


V O R C – website:

Facebook cash App $ juanie 12 or contact- [email protected],

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